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Cason Schmit is an assistant professor at the Department of Health Policy and Management where he actively researches the role of law in health systems.

Prior to joining Texas A&M University, he worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Health Law Program as an Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education legal fellow (2013-2015) and as a federal contractor (2015-2016). There he worked with public health professionals within CDC centers and offices and state, tribal, local, and territorial partners to promote the use of law as a tool to improve the public's health. His research with CDC focused on the role of law in health system transformation, including the use of electronic health information to promote public health, state innovation models, pay-for-success initiatives, and pharmacists' vaccination authority.

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Academic Articles19
  • Bronsoler, A., Doyle, J., Schmit, C., & Van Reenen, J. (2023). The Role of State Policy in Fostering Health Information Exchange in the United States. NEJM Catalyst. 4(1),
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  • Karim, M. A., Kum, H., & Schmit, C. D. (2022). A Study of Publicly Available Resources Addressing Legal Data-Sharing Barriers: Systematic Assessment.. J Med Internet Res. 24(9), e39333-e39333.
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  • Stone, K. W., Felkner, M., Garza, E., Perez-Patron, M., Schmit, C. D., McDonald, T. J., & Horney, J. A. (2022). Changes to Timeliness and Completeness of Infectious Disease Reporting in Texas After Implementation of an Epidemiologic Capacity Program.. Public Health Rep. 137(4), 333549211009490-686.
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  • Schmit, C. D., Washburn, D. J., LaFleur, M., Martinez, D., Thompson, E., & Callaghan, T. (2022). Community Health Worker Sustainability: Funding, Payment, and Reimbursement Laws in the United States.. Public Health Rep. 137(3), 597-603.
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  • Washburn, D. J., Callaghan, T., Schmit, C., Thompson, E., Martinez, D., & Lafleur, M. (2022). Community health worker roles and their evolving interprofessional relationships in the United States.. J Interprof Care. 36(4), 545-551.
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  • Hulkower, R., Penn, M., & Schmit, C. (2020). Privacy and Confidentiality of Public Health Information. Public Health Informatics and Information Systems. 147-166. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers1
  • Schmit, C., Kelly, K., & Bernstein, J. (2019). Cross Sector Data Sharing: Necessity, Challenge, and Hope.. J Law Med Ethics. 47(2_suppl), 83-86.
Repository Documents / Preprints17
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  • Schmit, C., Larson, B., & Kum, H. (2021). Data Privacy in the Time of Plague.
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  • Schmit, C., Giannouchos, T., Ramezani, M., Zheng, Q. i., Morrisey, M. A., & Kum, H. (2020). US Privacy Laws Go Against Public Preferences and Impede Public Health and Research: Survey Study (Preprint).
  • Schmit, C., Ajayi, K. V., Ferdinand, A. O., Giannouchos, T., Ilangovan, G., Nowell, W. B., & Kum, H. (2020). Communicating With Patients About Software for Enhancing Privacy in Secondary Database Research Involving Record Linkage: Delphi Study (Preprint).
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Internet Publications2
  • Schmit, C., Larson, B. N., & Kum, H. (2021). Data privacy laws in the US protect profit but prevent sharing data for public good – people want the opposite. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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