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My name is Larry J. Reynolds, and my work is focused on Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture. My books may be found at:

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Academic Articles7
  • Reynolds, L. J., & von Frank, A. J. (2011). Emerson, John Brown, and Transcendental Idealism: A Colloquy. South Central Review. 28(2), 31-56.
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  • Reynolds, L. J. (2004). The cimeter's \"sweet\" edge: Thoreau, contemplation and violence. Nineteenth Century Prose. 31(2),
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2003). The Challenge of Cultural Relativity: The Case of Hawthorne. ESQ - Journal of the American Renaissance. 49(1), 129-147.
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  • Reynolds, L. J. (2000). Prospects for the Study of Margaret Fuller. Resources for American Literary Study. 26(2), 139-158.
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  • Reynolds, L. J. (1997). American Cultural Iconography: Vision, History, and the Real. American Literary History. 9(3), 381-395.
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  • Reynolds, L. J. (2011). Righteous violence: Revolution, slavery, and the American renaissance. University of Georgia Press.
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2001). A Historical Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Oxford University Press on Demand.
  • Reynolds, L. J. (1988). European Revolutions and the American Literary Renaissance. Yale University Press.
  • Reynolds, L. J. (1984). James Kirke Paulding. Twayne Pub.
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2017). Warrior culture. Henry David Thoreau in Context. (pp. 205-215). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Reynolds, L. J. (2014). Hawthorne and the Historical Romance. Kennedy, J. G., & Person, L. S. (Eds.), The American Novel to 1870. (pp. 278-293). Oxford University Press (UK).
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2007). Righteous violence: The Roman republic and Margaret Fuller's revolutionary example. Margaret Fuller: Transatlantic Crossings in a Revolutionary Age. (pp. 172-192).
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2007). The Cimeter’s \"Sweet\" Edge: Thoreau, Contemplation, and Violence. Walls, L. D., & Petrulionis, S. H. (Eds.), More Day to Dawn Thoreau's Walden for the Twenty-first Century. (pp. 60-81). Univ of Massachusetts Press.
  • Reynolds, L. J. (2005). “Strangely ajar with the human race”: Hawthorne, slavery, and the question of moral responsibility. Bell, M. (Eds.), Hawthorne and the Real: Bicentennial Essays. (pp. 40-69). Ohio State University Press.
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