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Pharr, Matt individual record
Assistant Professor

My current areas of interest include mechanics of materials for energy storage and conversion, deformation and fracture of soft materials, mechanics of flexible/wearable electronics, coupled electro-chemo-mechanics, and mass transport in materials.

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Academic Articles41
  • Lee, S., Zargar, O., Reiser, C., Li, Q., Muliana, A., Finlayson, S. A., Gomez, F. E., & Pharr, M. (2020). Time-dependent mechanical behavior of sweet sorghum stems. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. 106, 103731-103731.
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  • Zhou, Q., Gardea, F., Sang, Z., Lee, S., Pharr, M., & Sukhishvili, S. A. (2020). A Tailorable Family of Elastomeric‐to‐Rigid, 3D Printable, Interbonding Polymer Networks. Advanced Functional Materials. 2002374-2002374.
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  • Davidson, R., Verma, A., Santos, D., Hao, F., Fincher, C. D., Zhao, D., ... Banerjee, S. (2020). Mapping mechanisms and growth regimes of magnesium electrodeposition at high current densities. Materials Horizons. 7(3), 843-854.
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  • Fincher, C. D., Ojeda, D., Zhang, Y., Pharr, G. M., & Pharr, M. (2020). Mechanical Properties of Metallic Lithium: from Nano to Bulk Scales. ACTA MATERIALIA. 186, 215-222.
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  • Fincher, C. D., Zhang, Y., Pharr, G. M., & Pharr, M. (2020). Elastic and Plastic Characteristics of Sodium Metal. ACS Applied Energy Materials. 3(2), 1759-1767.
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Conference Papers1
  • Pharr, M., Sun, J., & Suo, Z. (2012). Rupture of a highly stretchable acrylic dielectric elastomer. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS. 111(10), 104114-104114.
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