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  • Kim, T., Buchanan, J. J., Bernard, J. A., & Wright, D. L (2021). Improving online and offline gain from repetitive practice using anodal tDCS at dorsal premotor cortex. npj Science of Learning. 6(1), 31.
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  • Soltani Zarrin, R., Zeiaee, A., Langari, R., Buchanan, J. J., & Robson, N. (2021). Towards autonomous ergonomic upper-limb exoskeletons: A computational approach for planning a human-like path. 145, 103843-103843.
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  • McCulloch, A. T., Park, I., Wright, D. L., & Buchanan, J. J. (2021). Off-line learning in a rhythmic bimanual task: early feedback dependency is reduced over wakefulness.. 85(4), 1503-1514.
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  • Park, I., Buchanan, J. J., McCulloch, A. T., Chen, J., & Wright, D. L. (2020). Motor and spatial representations of action: corticospinal excitability in M1 after training with a bimanual skill.. 238(5), 1191-1202.
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  • Chen, J., McCulloch, A., Kim, H., Kim, T., Rhee, J., Verwey, W. B., Buchanan, J. J., & Wright, D. L. (2020). Application of anodal tDCS at primary motor cortex immediately after practice of a motor sequence does not improve offline gain.. 238(1), 29-37.
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  • Buchanan, J. J. (2016). The Coordination Dynamics of Observational Learning: Relative Motion Direction and Relative Phase as Informational Content Linking Action-Perception to Action-Production.. MATHEMATICAL MODELLING IN EXPERIMENTAL NUTRITION. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. 209-228. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers46
  • Buchanan, J. J., Park, I., & McCulloch, A. T. (2020). Time-Scale of Consolidation for Motor and Spatial Representations of a Bimanual Action. 42, S29-S30.
  • Park, I., & Buchanan, J. J. (2017). Off-line consolidation in learning a novel bimanual coordination skill. 39, S164-S165.
  • Jing, C., McCulloch, A., Park, I., Buchanan, J. J., Kim, T., & Wright, D. L. (2017). The role of primary motor cortex on consolidation during motor sequence learning. 39, S120-S120.
  • Muthukumaraswamy, S., Banerjee, A., McCulloch, A., Buchanan, J., & Robson, N (2017). An AR system for monitoring arm movements for stroke patients. 67th Annual Conference and Expo of the Institute of Industrial Engineers 2017. 1369-1374.
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