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  • Ellis, G. D., Jiang, J., Freeman, P. A., Lacanienta, A., & Jamal, T. (2020). Leisure as immediate conscious experience: Foundations, evaluation, and extension of the theory of structured experiences. Journal of Leisure Research. 51(5), 581-600.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Jiang, J., Freeman, P. A., Lacanienta, A., & J. Ellis, E. (2020). In Situ Engagement During Structured Leisure Experiences: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Theory Testing. Leisure Sciences. 1-19.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Freeman, P. A., Jamal, T., & Jiang, J. (2019). A theory of structured experience. Annals of Leisure Research. 22(1), 97-118.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Lacanienta, A., Freeman, P. A., & Hill, B. J. (2019). Evaluating theory of structured experience propositions: effects of service quality and experience industry techniques on quality of immediate leisure experiences. Annals of Leisure Research. 22(5), 587-606.
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