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  • Jamal, T., Budke, C., & Barradas-Bribiesca, I. (2019). Community-based tourism and ‘development’. Sharpley, R., & Harrison, D. (Eds.), A Research Agenda for Tourism and Development. (pp. 125-150). Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Jamal, T., Budke, C. M., & Barradas-Bribiesca, I. (2014). Health and Sustainable Development: New Directions Forward. Clausen, H. B., Gyimóthy, S., & Andersson, V. (Eds.), Global Mobilities and Tourism Development: A community perspective. (pp. 169-196). Aalborg University Press.
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  • Snowden, K. F., & Budke, C. M. (2013). Dogs and protozoan zoonoses.. Macpherson, C., Meslin, F. X., & Wandeler, A. I. (Eds.), Dogs, zoonoses and public health. (pp. 93-108). CABI.
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  • Bhattarai, R., Carabin, H., & Budke, C. (2013). The Burden of Cysticercosis. Sibat, H. F. (Eds.), Novel Aspects on Cysticercosis and Neurocysticercosis. InTech.
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  • Budke, C. M., Carabin, H., & Torgerson, P. R. (2011). Health Impact Assessment and Burden of Zoonotic Diseases.. Palmer, S., Soulsby, L., Torgerson, P. R., & Brown, D. (Eds.), Oxford Textbook of Zoonoses Biology, Clinical Practice, and Public Health Control. (pp. 30-37). OUP Oxford.
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