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  • Bounds, J., Kolomenskii, A., Trainham, R., Manard, M., & Schuessler, H. (2023). Hyperfine structure and isotope shifts of xenon measured for near-infrared transitions with Doppler-free saturated absorption spectroscopy. Spectrochimica Acta Part B Atomic Spectroscopy. 202, 106635-106635.
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  • Xia, J., Zhu, F., Bounds, J., Aluauee, E., Kolomenskii, A., Dong, Q., ... Schuessler, H. (2022). Spectroscopic trace gas detection in air-based gas mixtures: Some methods and applications for breath analysis and environmental monitoring. Journal of Applied Physics. 131(22), 220901-220901.
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  • Tian, L., Sun, J., Zhang, S., Kolomenskii, A. A., Schuessler, H. A., Wang, Z., ... Liu, Z. (2022). Near-infrared methane sensor with neural network filtering. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL. 354, 131207-131207.
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  • Sun, J., Tian, L., Chang, J., Kolomenskii, A. A., Schuessler, H. A., Xia, J., Feng, C., & Zhang, S. (2022). Adaptively Optimized Gas Analysis Model with Deep Learning for Near-Infrared Methane Sensors.. Anal Chem. 94(4), 2321-2332.
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  • Kaya, N., Kaya, G., Boran, Y., Kolomenski, A., & Schuessler, H. A. (2021). In-situ measurement of aligning intensity and rotational temperature in field-free molecular alignment via white light generation. OPTIK. 242, 167360-167360.
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