Khasawneh, Fadi individual record
Associate Professor and Department Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences
selected publications
Academic Articles65
  • Alshbool, F. Z., Karim, Z. A., & Khasawneh, F. T. (2021). Investigation of Novel Inhibitor for the Serotonin 5HT2A Receptor. FASEB J. 33(S1), 670.3-670.3.
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  • Alarabi, A., Ali, H., Karim, Z., Rodriguez, V., Hernandez, K., Lozano, P., Alshbool, F., & Khasawneh, F. (2021). Investigation of the Mechanistic Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke on Platelet Activation. FASEB J. 35(S1),
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  • Espinosa, E., Lin, O. A., Karim, Z. A., Alshbool, F. Z., & Khasawneh, F. T. (2021). Mouse transient receptor potential channel type 6 selectively regulates agonist-induced platelet function. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports. 20, 100685-100685.
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  • Malhotra, A., Reddy, I. K., Fulford, M., Khasawneh, F. T., Tiwari, A. K., & Feng, X. (2021). Strategies for the integration of foundational and clinical sciences in doctor of pharmacy programs. Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. 4(10), 1307-1314.
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  • Lozano, P., Garcia, S., Boakye, E., Kingbong, H., Naddour, E., Alarabi, A., Khasawneh, F., & Alshbool, F. (2021). The Antidepressant Duloxetine Inhibits Platelet Function and Protects against Thrombosis. FASEB J. 35(S1),
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  • Venketaraman, V., Morris, D., Donohou, C., Sipin, A., Kung, S., Oh, H., ... Donahue, C. (2011). Role of Cytokines and Chemokines in HIV Infection. HIV and AIDS - Updates on Biology, Immunology, Epidemiology and Treatment Strategies. InTech.
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