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  • Welsh, N. (2021). Switching Hats in Med-Arb: The Ethical Choices Required to Protect Process Integrity. Shapira, O. (Eds.), Mediation Ethics: A Practitioner's Guide. (pp. 213-299). ABA Book Publishing.
  • Welsh, N. (2019). Distributive and Procedural Fairness Perceptions in Negotiation. Kupfer Schneider, A., & Honeyman, C. (Eds.), Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers. (pp. 167-172). ABA Book Publishing.
  • Pierce, T. (2017). The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. Greer, M. H. (Eds.), A Practitioner's Guide to Class Actions. (pp. 269-314). ABA Book Publishing.
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