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  • Giannouchos, T. V., Ukert, B., Vozikis, A., Steletou, E., & Souliotis, K. (2021). Informal out-of-pocket payments experience and individuals’ willingness-to-pay for healthcare services in Greece. Health Policy. 125(6), 693-700.
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  • Saynisch, P. A., David, G., Ukert, B., Agiro, A., Scholle, S. H., & Oberlander, T. (2021). Model Homes. MEDICAL CARE. 59(3), 206-212.
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  • Courtemanche, C., Fazlul, I., Marton, J., Ukert, B., Yelowitz, A., & Zapata, D. (2021). The Affordable Care Act's Coverage Impacts in the Trump Era.. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing. 58, 469580211042973-004695802110429.
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  • Kasim, M. T., & Ukert, B. (2021). The impact of WIC participation on tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Contemporary Economic Policy. 39(3), 608-625.
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  • Ukert, B., David, G., Smith‐McLallen, A., & Chawla, R. (2020). Do payor‐based outreach programs reduce medical cost and utilization?. Health Econ. 29(6), 671-682.
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Conference Papers1
  • Andreyeva, E., & Ukert, B. (2017). 11 Do firearm regulations work? evidence from the australian national firearms agreement. Inj Prev. 23(Suppl 1), a4-A4.
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