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Our research in theoretical chemistry is currently focused in the development and study of new methods for electronic structure and for molecular ionization.

selected publications
Academic Articles112
  • Samanta, K., Tsogbayar, T., Zhang, S. B., & Yeager, D. L. (2018). ElectronAtom and ElectronMolecule Resonances: Some Theoretical Approaches Using Complex Scaled Multiconfigurational Methods. ADVANCES IN QUANTUM CHEMISTRY, VOL 77. 77, 317-390.
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Conference Papers5
  • Samanta, K., & Yeager, D. L. (2015). Investigation of electron-atom/molecule scattering resonances: Two complex multiconfigurational self-consistent field approaches. AIP Conference Proceedings, PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING 2010 (ICCMSE-2010). 1642(1), 239-242.
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  • Yeager, D. L. (2005). The Multiconfigurational Spin-Tensor Electron Propagator Method (MCSTEP). ADVANCES IN QUANTUM CHEMISTRY, VOL 50. 50, 289-313.
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  • McKellar, A. J., Heryadi, D., & Yeager, D. L. (1998). Balanced complete active space choices with the multiconfigurational spin tensor electron propagator method: The vertical ionization potentials of NH2. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 70(4-5), 729-736.
  • Mills, I. M., Overill, R. E., Hunter, G., Davidson, E. R., Cooper, D. L., Buckingham, A. D., ... McCullough, E. A. (1984). General discussion. Faraday Symp. Chem. Soc.. 19(0), 175-201.
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  • Yeager, D. L., Lynch, D., Nichols, J., Joergensen, P., & Olsen, J. (1982). Newton-Raphson approaches and generalizations in multiconfigurational self-consistent field calculations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry. 86(12), 2140-2153.
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