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Tianna Helena Uchacz is a historian of early modern art and craft technology, with a focus on Northern European and Netherlandish art. Her research asks questions about art media and materials, skilled making, the sensory experiences of artists and viewers, and ways of knowing in early modern cultures across the globe. Her work bridges the disciplines of art history, history of science, and material culture studies and is informed by performative methodologies (historical recipe reconstruction, oral history) and digital approaches (textual analysis, visualization). She has taken part in a variety of collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects and experimental teaching in the spheres of artisanal making practices, digital humanities, and cultural heritage.

Uchacz is a co-editor of the award-winning Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France. A Digital Critical Edition and English Translation of BnF Ms. Fr. 640 (New York: Making and Knowing Project, 2020), edition640.makingandknowing.org, which received the 2019 Eugene S. Ferguson Prize from the Society for the History of Technology with particular distinction for methodological novelty and rigor. She is currently working on a monograph on the sensual nude in Netherlandish art and a research project on the translation of ornament design across media. She has held fellowships at Utrecht University, the Zentralinstitut fur Kunstgeschichte, and the Science History Institute, and her work has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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  • Smith, P. H., Uchacz, T. H., Pitman, S., Taape, T., & Debuiche, C (2020). The Matter of Ephemeral Art: Craft, Spectacle, and Power in Early Modern Europe. Renaissance Quarterly. 73(1), 78-131.
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  • Taape, T., Smith, P. H., & Uchacz, T. H. (2020). Schooling the Eye and Hand: Performative Methods of Research and Pedagogy in the Making and Knowing Project.. Ber Wiss. (3), 323-340.
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  • Uchacz, T. H (2019). Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO) (Review). Isis. 110(3), 567-569.
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  • Smith, P. H., Uchacz, T. H., Rosenkranz, N., & Sabel, C. C. (2020). The Making of Empirical Knowledge: Recipes, Craft, and Scholarly Communication. Eve, M. P., & Gray, J. (Eds.), Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access. 125-144. The MIT Press.
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  • Uchacz, T. H. (2019). Outside-In: The Intrusion of Ornament into Sacred Narrative. ORNAMENT AND MONSTROSITY IN EARLY MODERN ART. 95-132.
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  • Uchacz, T. H. (2018). Mars, Venus, and Vulcan. Equivocal Erotics and Art in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp. Kavaler, E. M., & Van Bruaene, A. (Eds.), Netherlandish Culture of the Sixteenth Century: Urban Perspectives. 245-268. Brepols Publishers.
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  • Uchacz, T. H. Outside-In: The Intrusion of Ornament into Sacred Narrative. Hammeken, C. A., & Hansen, M. F. (Eds.), Ornament and Monstrosity in Early Modern Art. 95-132. Amsterdam University Press.
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