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Academic Articles9
  • Xiang, P., Liu, J., Li, W., & Guan, J. (2021). Students ability beliefs about running in physical education: Qualitative findings from longitudinal data. European Physical Education Review. 27(2), 348-365.
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  • Liu, J., Xiang, P., McBride, R. E., & Juzaily, N. (2020). Perceived coach supports and at-risk boys motivation at a summer sports camp: A commonality analysis. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. 15(2), 146-156.
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  • Liu, J., Xiang, P., McBride, R., & Chen, H. (2019). Psychometric properties of the Cognitive and Metacognitive Learning Strategies Scales among preservice physical education teachers: A bifactor analysis. European Physical Education Review. 25(3), 616-639.
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  • Chen, H., Dai, J., & Liu, J. (2018). An integrative perspective of validating a simplified Chinese version behavioral regulation in exercise questionnaire-2. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science. (3), 213-223.
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  • Liu, J., McBride, R. E., Xiang, P., & Scarmardo-Rhodes, M. (2018). Physical Education Pre-service Teachers Understanding, Application, and Development of Critical Thinking. Quest. (1), 12-27.
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  • Karl, G., Stotts, T., & Johnson, P. (2003). 101 Basketball Out of Bounds Drills. Coaches Choice Books.
Conference Papers2
  • Liu, J., Xiang, P., McBride, R. E., & Chen, H. (2020). Self-regulated learning strategies and achievement goals among preservice physical education teachers. European Physical Education Review. 26(2), 375-391.
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  • Lee, J., Xiang, P., McBride, R. E., Liu, J., Nasiruddin, N., Scarmardo, M., & Latterman, L. (2017). Achievement Goals in A Summer Sports Camp: A Longitudinal Study. RESEARCH QUARTERLY FOR EXERCISE AND SPORT. 88, A29-A30.
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