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  • Skiba, M. B., Hopkins, L. L., Hopkins, A. L., Billheimer, D., & Funk, J. L. (2020). Nonvitamin, Nonmineral Dietary Supplement Use in Individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis.. J Nutr. 150(9), 2451-2459.
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  • Paredes, R., Hopkins, A. L., & Villanueva, F. (2020). Ethnobotany in the North Coast of Peru: Use of Plants in the Fishing Community of Huanchaco for Subsistence. Economic Botany. 74(1), 32-45.
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  • Gibbes, C., Hopkins, A. L., Díaz, A. I., & Jimenez-Osornio, J. (2020). Defining and measuring sustainability: a systematic review of studies in rural Latin America and the Caribbean. Environment, Development and Sustainability. 22(1), 447-468.
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  • Winking, J., Hopkins, A. L., Yeoman, M., & Arcak, C. (2019). M-AAA-nsplaining: Gender bias in questions asked at the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meetings. PLoS ONE. 14(1), e0207691-e0207691.
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  • Hopkins, A. L., Yeoman, M., & Ritenbaugh, C. (2018). Healthy foods prepared at home: Diet and support as protective strategies during pregnancy for Hispanic women. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 57(2), 1-22.
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