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Dr. Quek's research area is human-computer interaction and computer vision, focusing on embodied interaction and cognition, support for human learning, and research in assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities. His research is highly relevant to K-12, STEM, and inclusive education.

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  • Kavanaugh, A., Sheetz, S. D., Quek, F., & Joon Kim, B. (2013). Cell phone use with social ties during crises: The case of the virginia tech tragedy. Using Social and Information Technologies for Disaster and Crisis Management. (pp. 84-97). IGI Global.
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  • McNeill, D., Duncan, S., Franklin, A., Gos, J., Kimbara, I., Parrill, F., ... Tuttle, R. (2009). Mind merging. Expressing Oneself / Expressing One's Self: Communication, Cognition, Language, and Identity. (pp. 143-164).
  • Zhang, J., Zhang, L. J., Quek, F., & Chung, J. Y. (2008). A framework supporting context-aware multimedia web services delivery. Web Services Research and Practices. (pp. 110-134). IGI Global.
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  • Zhang, J., Zhang, L. J., Quek, F., & Chung, J. Y. (2008). A service-oriented multimedia componentization model. Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. (pp. 559-578). IGI Global.
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