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  • Castillo, M. E., Cross, P. J., & Freer, M. (2019). Nonparametric utility theory in strategic settings: Revealing preferences and beliefs from proposal–response games. Games and Economic Behavior. 115(Games Econ. Behav. 13 1 1996), 60-82.
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  • Castillo, M., Jordan, J. L., & Petrie, R. (2019). Discount Rates of Children and High School Graduation. The Economic Journal. 129(619), 1153-1181.
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  • Castillo, M., & Freer, M. (2018). Revealed differences. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 145, 202-217.
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  • Castillo, M., Dickinson, D. L., & Petrie, R. (2017). Sleepiness, choice consistency, and risk preferences. Theory and Decision. 82(1), 41-73.
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  • Castillo, M., & Dianat, A. (2016). Truncation strategies in two-sided matching markets: Theory and experiment. Games and Economic Behavior. 98, 180-196.
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  • Barrett, C. B. (2005). The Social Economics of Poverty. Barrett, C. B. (Eds.), The Social Economics of Poverty: On Identities, Communities, Groups, and Networks. 256-275. Routledge.
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  • Castillo, M. (1994). IMPACTO DE LA POLTICA DE AJUSTE SOBRE LA AGRICULTURA CAMPESINA EN LA SIERRA DEL PER. Dancourt, O., Meyer, E., & Monge, C. (Eds.), Per, el problema agrario en debate - SEPIA V. Soluciones Practicas.
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