My research interests include photonic signal processing, integrated optics, optical filters (synthesis, analysis and adaptive filters), microwave photonics, polarization optics, optical ring resonators, and dispersion and high speed optical signals.

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Academic Articles71
Conference Papers92
  • Madsen, C. K., Dogan, Y., Hu, C., Morrison, M., & Atkins, R. (2019). Femtosecond-laser-based prototyping of light pipe circuits. SILICON PHOTONICS XIII. 10906, 109060a-109060a-6.
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  • Choo, G., Madsen, C. K., Palermo, S., & Entesari, K. (2018). Automatic Monitor-Based Tuning of RF Silicon Photonic True-Time-Delay Beamforming Networks. 2005 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Vols 1-4. 00, 1192-1194.
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  • Bravo, T., & Madsen, C. K. (2018). A parametric approach for exploring grating coupler design space. SILICON PHOTONICS XIII. 10537, 105371q.
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  • Madsen, C. K., Dogan, Y., Morrison, M., Hu, C., & Atkins, R. (2018). Glass light pipes for solar concentration. SILICON PHOTONICS XIII. 10520, 105201a.
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  • Dogan, Y., Morrison, M., Hu, C., Atkins, R., Solmaz, M., & Madsen, C. K. (2017). Fabrication of advanced glass light pipes for solar concentrators. SILICON PHOTONICS XIII. 10448, 104482g.
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