I have five (5) patents in oil recovery and well injection processes, and am recognized as an industry expert in the areas of production engineering, well completions, well stimulation, production logging, and complex well performance (horizontal and multilateral wells).

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  • Sakaida, S., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2021). Completion Effects on Diagnosing Multistage Facture Treatments with Distributed Temperature Sensing. SPE Production & Operations. 36(01), 160-173.
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  • Pakhotina, I., Sakaida, S., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2020). Diagnosing Multistage Fracture Treatments with Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors. SPE Production & Operations. 35(04), 0852-0864.
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  • Schwalbert, M. P., Aljawad, M. S., Hill, A. D., & Zhu, D. (2020). Decision Criterion for Acid-Stimulation Method in Carbonate Reservoirs: Matrix Acidizing or Acid Fracturing?. SPE JOURNAL. 25(5), 2296-2318.
  • Aljawad, M. S., Schwalbert, M. P., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2020). Optimizing Acid Fracture Design in Calcite Formations: Guidelines Using a Fully Integrated Model. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 161-177.
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  • Economides, M. J., Hill, A. D., Ehlig-Economides, C., & Zhu, D. (2012). Petroleum Production Systems. Pearson Education.
Conference Papers211
  • Cheng, H., Palharini Schwalbert, M., Hill, A. D., & Zhu, D. (2020). A Fundamental Model for Wormhole Formation Including Multiphase Flow. SPE Production & Operations. 35(04), 929-941.
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  • Jin, X., Zhu, D., Hill, A. D., & McDuff, D. (2020). Effects of Heterogeneity in Mineralogy Distribution on Acid-Fracturing Efficiency. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 147-160.
  • Ridner, D., Frick, T., Zhu, D., Hill, A. D., Angeles, R., Vishnumolakala, N., & Shuchart, C. (2020). Influence of Transport Conditions on Optimal Injection Rate for Acid Jetting in Carbonate Reservoirs. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 137-146.
  • Enriquez-Tenorio, O., Knorr, A. F., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2019). Relationships Between Mechanical Properties and Fracturing Conductivity for the Eagle Ford Shale. SPE Production & Operations. 34(02), 318-331.
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  • Zhou, Y., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2019). A NEW PETROPHYSICAL CORRELATION FOR THE PERMEABILITY OF CARBONATE ROCKS. SPWLA 60th Annual Logging Symposium Transactions, 2019 SPWLA 60th Annual Symposium. 1-8.
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