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My research focuses on criminal dispute resolution (including plea bargaining), comparative criminal procedure and rule of law reform.

selected publications
Academic Articles20
  • Alkon, C., & Schneider, A. K (2021). How to be a Better Plea Bargainer. Washington University Journal of Law and Policy. 66,
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  • Alkon, C (2020). Have Problem-Solving Courts Changed the Practice of Law?. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 21, 597-624.
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  • Schneider, A. K., & Alkon, C (2020). Our Criminal Legal System: Plagued by Problems and Ripe for Reform. Dispute Resolution Magazine. 26(1), 6-8.
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  • Alkon, C (2020). The Lost Promise of Lambert v. California. Stetson Law Review. 49(2), 267-287.
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  • Schneider, A. K., & Alkon, C (2019). Bargaining in the Dark: The Need for Transparency and Data in Plea Bargaining. New Criminal Law Review. 22(4), 434-493.
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  • Alkon, C (2017). Plea Bargaining: An Example of Negotiating With Constraints. Honeyman, C., & Kupfer Schneider, A. (Eds.), The Negotiator's Desk Reference. 683-699. DRI Press.
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