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Academic Articles24
  • Owen, R. N., Semanchik, P. L., Latham, C. M., Brennan, K. M., & White-Springer, S. H. (2022). Elevated dietary selenium rescues mitochondrial capacity impairment induced by decreased vitamin E intake in young exercising horses.. J Anim Sci. 100(8), skac172.
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  • Latham, C. M., Guy, C. P., Wesolowski, L. T., & White-Springer, S. H. (2022). Fueling equine performance: importance of mitochondrial phenotype in equine athletes.. Anim Front. 12(3), 6-14.
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  • White-Springer, S. H., Vineyard, K. R., Kivipelto, J., & Warren, L. K (2021). Dietary omega-3 fatty acid supplementation does not impair vitamin E status or promote lipid peroxidation in growing horses.. J Anim Sci. 99(7),
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  • Latham, C. M., Dickson, E. C., Owen, R. N., Larson, C. K., & White-Springer, S. H (2021). Complexed trace mineral supplementation alters antioxidant activities and expression in response to trailer stress in yearling horses in training.. Sci Rep. 11(1), 7352.
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  • Mrugala, D., Leatherwood, J. L., Morris, E. F., Dickson, E. C., Latham, C. M., Owen, R. N., ... White-Springer, S. H. (2021). Dietary conjugated linoleic acid supplementation alters skeletal muscle mitochondria and antioxidant status in young horses.. J Anim Sci. 99(2), skab037.
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Conference Papers14
  • White-Springer, S. H. (2022). Relationship of Mitochondrial Phenotype to Muscle Function and Performance. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 100, 11-11.
  • Simons, J. L., Wesolowski, L. T., Semanchik, P. L., Guy, C. P., Earnhardt, A., Long, C. L., ... White-Springer, S. H. (2022). Temperament and Age Impact Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Capacities in Angus Steers.. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 100, 9-9.
  • Wesolowski, L. T., Guy, C. P., Mayorga, E. J., Rudolph, T. E., Freestone, A. D., Rhoads, R. P., ... White-Springer, S. H. (2021). Late-Breaking: Heat Stress and Mitoq Supplementation Impact Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Capacities in Pigs. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 99, 204-204.
  • Guy, C. P., Wesolowski, L. T., Earnhardt, A. L., Law, D., Neuendorff, D. A., Long, C. R., ... White-Springer, S. H. (2021). Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Capacities Are Impacted by Breed and Temperament in Young Angus and Brahman Steers. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 99, 127-127.
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