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I have specialties in the literature and language of both the Old and Middle English periods. My research program centers on the concept and uses of tradition.

selected publications
Academic Articles14
  • Mize, B. (2021). The Game Crooks: Law, Justice, and the Devils of the Towneley Judgment Play. The Journal of English and Germanic Philology. 120(2), 177-208.
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  • Mize, B. (2016). Did Deliberate Lexical Blending Occur in Old English?. Peritia. 27, 99-120.
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  • Mize, B. A. (2012). English Studies Volume Contents and Author Index, Volume 93, Nos 18, 2012. English Studies. 93(8), 999-1004.
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  • Gilchrist, B., & Mize, B. (2021). Beowulf as Childrens Literature. University of Toronto Press.
  • Mize, B. (2021). 10. The Practice of Adapting Beowulf for Younger Readers: A Conversation with Rebecca Barnhouse and James Rumford. Beowulf as Childrens Literature. 265-278. University of Toronto Press.
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  • Mize, B. (2021). Introduction: Beowulf in and near Childrens Literature. Beowulf as Childrens Literature. 1-19. University of Toronto Press.
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  • Mize, B. (2021). 7. Beowulf, Bei'aowufu, and the Social Hero. Gilchrist, B., & Mize, B. (Eds.), 192-219. University of Toronto Press.
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  • Mize, B. (2020). Enigmatic knowing and the Vercelli Book. Riddles at work in the early medieval tradition. Manchester University Press.
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Internet Publications1
  • Mize, B. (2018). Beowulf's Afterlives Bibliographic Database. - A record of texts, versions, and adaptations of Beowulf from 1705 to the present.
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  • Mize, B. (2012). Review of Tiffany Beechy, The Poetics of Old English. English Studies: a journal of English language and literature. 93(8), 988-990.
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  • Mize, B. (2011). Review of SAMANTHA ZACHER AND ANDY ORCHARD (eds). New Readings in the Vercelli Book. The Review of English Studies: the leading journal of English literature and language. 62(254), 300-302.
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