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My research focuses on the interactive effects of aging and exercise training on skeletal muscle vascular beds.

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  • Woodman, C. R., Seawright, J. W., Luttrell, M. J., Shin, S. Y., & Trache, A (2018). Importance of mechanical signals in promoting exercise-induced improvements in vasomotor function of aged skeletal muscle resistance arteries.. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 315(3), H602-H609.
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  • Joubert, D. P., Granados, J. Z., Oliver, J. M., Noack, B. L., Grandjean, P. W., Woodman, C. R., Riechman, S. E., & Crouse, S. F. (2018). An Acute Bout of Aquatic Treadmill Exercise Induces Greater Improvements in Endothelial Function and Postexercise Hypotension Than Land Treadmill Exercise: A Crossover Study.. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 97(8), 578-584.
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  • Seawright, J. W., Sreenivasappa, H., Gibbs, H. C., Padgham, S., Shin, S. Y., Chaponnier, C., ... Trache, A. (2018). Vascular Smooth Muscle Contractile Function Declines With Age in Skeletal Muscle Feed Arteries.. Front Physiol. 9, 856.
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  • Seawright, J. W., Trache, A., Wilson, E., & Woodman, C. R. (2016). Short-duration increases in intraluminal pressure improve vasoconstrictor responses in aged skeletal muscle feed arteries.. Eur J Appl Physiol. (5), 931-937.
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  • Seawright, J. W., Luttrell, M., Trache, A., & Woodman, C. R. (2016). Short-term increases in pressure and shear stress attenuate age-related declines in endothelial function in skeletal muscle feed arteries.. Eur J Appl Physiol. 116(7), 1305-1311.
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  • Trache, A., Massett, M. P., & Woodman, C. R (2020). Vascular smooth muscle stiffness and its role in aging.. STORE-OPERATED CALCIUM CHANNELS. Membrane Biomechanics. 217-253. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers5
  • Sreenivasappa, H., Bywaters, B., Padgham, S., Yi Shin, S., Trzeciakowski, J. P., Woodman, C. R., & Trache, A. (2019). Aging Alters Functional Properties of Cell-Matrix Adhesions in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Biophysical Journal. 116(3), 261a-261a.
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  • Trott, D. W., Seawright, J. W., & Woodman, C. R (2010). Role of Superoxide in endothelium-dependent dilation of soleus feed arteries in young and old rats. FASEB JOURNAL. 24,
  • Trott, D. W., Steelman, S. M., Heaps, C. L., & Woodman, C. R. (2007). Rhokinase contributes to increased contractile responses in coronary arteries of hypercholesterolemic swine. The FASEB Journal. 21(6), a853-a853.
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  • LeBlanc, A. J., Nichol, K., Woodman, C. R., Shipley, R. D., Prisby, R. D., & Muller-Delp, J (2006). NOS expression and activity in cerebral resistance arteries: Effects of age and exercise training. FASEB JOURNAL. 20(4), A812-A812.
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