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Academic Articles10
  • Moberly, H. K., Lee, D. J., Kessler, M. D., & Carrigan, E. E. (2018). Supporting the next generation of Texas A&M University scholars. Library Management. 39(8-9), 597-604.
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  • Halling, T. D., Moberly, H. K., Pepper, C., & Carrigan, E. (2014). Exploring National Veterinary Information Outreach. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information. 15(4), 282-294.
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  • Pepper, C., Carrigan, E., Shurtz, S., & Foster, M. J. (2013). Exploring Librarian Roles in Support of One Health. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information. 14(4), 321-333.
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  • Halling, T. D., & Carrigan, E. (2012). Navigating User Feedback Channels to Chart an Evidence Based Course for Library Redesign. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. 7(1), 70-70.
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  • Ugaz, A. G., Boyd, C. T., Croft, V. F., Carrigan, E. E., & Anderson, K. M (2010). Basic list of veterinary medical serials, third edition: using a decision matrix to update the core list of veterinary journals.. J Med Libr Assoc. 98(4), 282-292.
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  • Carrigan, E., Ugaz, A., Moberly, H. K., Page, J., Alpi, K. M., & Vreeland, C. E (2018). Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary Science. 344-366. IGI Global.
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  • Carrigan, E., Ugaz, A., Moberly, H., Page, J., Alpi, K., & Vreeland, C (2013). Veterinary Medicine: All Collections Great and Small. Library Collection Development for Professional Programs: Trends and Best Practices. IGI Global.
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Conference Papers1
  • Carrigan, E., Moberly, H., Ugaz, A., & Croft, V (2013). VetPrint: Building an International Print Preservation Program for Veterinary Literature. International Congress on Medical Librarianship.
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Repository Documents / Preprints5
  • Carrigan, E., & Burford, N. G (2018). Reimagining Special Collections Spaces.
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  • Waltz, M. J., Moberly, H. K., Meador, A., & Carrigan, E (2018). Identifying information-related competencies to align educational support.
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  • Pepper, C., Green, S., Meador, A., Moberly, H. K., Wu, L., Herbert, B., & Carrigan, E. (2017). Developing a Model for Faculty Scholarly Metrics Services Across Diverse Health Sciences Audiences: From Dreaming to Doing.
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  • Foster, M. J., Carrigan, E., & Foster, C,Foster, M. J., Carrigan, E., & Foster, C. (2015). Building a systematic review service to support research.
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  • Boyd, C. T., Croft, V., Willard, G., Stephens, G., Fagen, D., Moberly, H. K., Carrigan, E., & Jaros, J (2008). Saving the Elusive Past for the Future: A Case Study in Collaboration.
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