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  • Zarei, E., Gholamizadeh, K., Khan, F., & Khakzad, N. (2022). A dynamic domino effect risk analysis model for rail transport of hazardous material. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries. 74, 104666-104666.
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  • Abobaker, E., Elsanoose, A., Khan, F., Rahman, M. A., Aborig, A., Noah, K., & Butt, S. (2022). A new assessment of perforation skin factor for vertical perforated wells in near-wellbore region. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. 12(1), 117-133.
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  • Ding, L., Khan, F., & Ji, J. (2022). A novel vulnerability model considering synergistic effect of fire and overpressure in chemical processing facilities. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 217, 108081-108081.
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  • Obeng, F., Domeh, V., Khan, F., Bose, N., & Sanli, E. (2022). Capsizing accident scenario model for small fishing trawler. Safety Science. 145, 105500-105500.
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  • Mamudu, A., Khan, F., Zendehboudi, S., & Adedigba, S. (2021). A Connectionist Model for Dynamic Economic Risk Analysis of Hydrocarbons Production Systems. Risk Analysis.
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