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Academic Articles230
  • Domeh, V., Obeng, F., Khan, F., Bose, N., & Sanli, E. (2023). An operational risk awareness tool for small fishing vessels operating in harsh environment. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 234, 109139-109139.
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  • Alauddin, M., Khan, F., Imtiaz, S., Ahmed, S., & Amyotte, P. (2023). Integrating process dynamics in data-driven models of chemical processing systems. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. 174, 158-168.
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  • Dao, U., Sajid, Z., Khan, F., Zhang, Y., & Tran, T. (2023). Modeling and Analysis of Internal Corrosion Induced Failure of Oil and Gas Pipelines. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 234, 109170-109170.
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  • Chen, X. i., Bose, N., Brito, M., Khan, F., & Zou, T. (2023). A copula-based method of risk prediction for autonomous underwater gliders in dynamic environments.. Risk Anal.
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  • Shah, S., Khan, F., Zendehboudi, S., & Abbas, M. (2023). A hybrid connectionist enhanced oil recovery model with real-time. Geoenergy Science and Engineering. 211760-211760.
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  • Sulistiyono, H., Khan, F. I., Saidah, H., Setiawan, E., Yasa, I. W., Suteja, I. W., Salehudin, .., & Negara, I. (2022). The Development of the SARIMA Model for Flood Disaster Resilience. Proceedings of the First Mandalika International Multi-Conference on Science and Engineering 2022, MIMSE 2022 (Civil and Architecture). 211-222. Atlantis Press.
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Conference Papers3
  • Amin, M. T., Khan, F., Imtiaz, S., & Ahmed, S. (2019). Robust Process Monitoring Methodology for Detection and Diagnosis of Unobservable Faults. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH. 58(41), 19149-19165.
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  • Amyotte, P., Irvine, Y., & Khan, F. (2018). Chemical safety board investigation reports and the hierarchy of controls: Round 2. PROCESS SAFETY PROGRESS. 37(4), 459-466.
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  • Ji, J., Tong, Q. i., Khan, F., Dadashzadeh, M., & Abbassi, R. (2018). Risk-Based Domino Effect Analysis for Fire and Explosion Accidents Considering Uncertainty in Processing Facilities. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH. 57(11), 3990-4006.
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