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Professor and Associate Department Head

Research duties include development of superior germplasm/cultivars which will enhance the productivity, improve the product quality, and/or decrease production costs associate with cotton production in Texas. Primary research sites in Texas are College Station, Weslaco, Corpus Christi, Thrall, and Chillicothe, as well as colleagues at Lubbock. Primary geographical areas of responsibilities are central and south Texas with secondary goals aimed at all cotton producing areas of Texas and the United States.

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  • Thompson, C. N., Hendon, B. R., Mishra, D., Rieff, J. M., Lowery, C. C., Lambert, K. C., ... Auld, D. L. (2019). Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) mutants with reduced levels of palmitic acid (C16:0) in seed lipids. Euphytica. 215(6), 112.
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  • Zhang, M., Liu, Y., Chang, C., Zhi, H., Wang, S., Xu, W., Smith, C. W., & Zhang, H. (2019). Quantification of gene expression while taking into account RNA alternative splicing.. Genomics. 111(6), 1517-1528.
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  • Smith, C. W., Hequet, E. F., Hague, S., & Jones, D. (2018). Elite Fiber Quality Germplasm Lines of Upland Cotton: TAM 11K-13 ELSU, TAM 11T-08 ELSU-ESU, and TAM 11L-24 LSU. Journal of Plant Registrations. 12(1), 112-117.
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  • Smith, C. W., Hague, S., Hequet, E., & Jones, D. C. (2018). Registration of Tamcot G11 Upland Cotton Cultivar. Journal of Plant Registrations. 12(1), 7-12.
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  • Dempewolf, H., Baute, G., Anderson, J., Kilian, B., Smith, C., & Guarino, L. (2017). Past and Future Use of Wild Relatives in Crop Breeding. Crop Science. 57(3), 1070-1082.
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  • Hamilton, D. L., & Smith, C. W. (2011). The Archaeological Role of Conservation in Maritime Archaeology. The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology. Oxford University Press.
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