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My laboratory is interested in the development of vaccines against select agents focusing onBrucella spp. We incorporate the microencapsulation technology to increase safety and efficacy of vaccines for human and animal use. These studies are principally targeted on the understanding of the response to infection by the host and elucidating the correlates of protective immunity elicited by the encapsulated and non-encapsulated vaccines.

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  • Arenas-Gamboa, A. M., Simmons, H. L., Werre, S. R., & Krecek, R. C. (2021). Bench to Shop™: An Interdisciplinary Training Program for Transitioning of Transboundary Animal Disease Research to Commercialization.. J Vet Med Educ. 48(3), 301-309.
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  • Camargo-Castañeda, A. M., Stranahan, L. W., Edwards, J. F., Garcia-Gonzalez, D. G., Roa, L., Avila-Granados, L. M., Hensel, M. E., & Arenas-Gamboa, A. M. (2021). Characterization of epididymal and testicular histologic lesions and use of immunohistochemistry and PCR on formalin-fixed tissues to detect Brucella canis in male dogs.. J Vet Diagn Invest. 33(2), 352-356.
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  • Adetunji, S. A., Ramirez, G., Ficht, A. R., Perez, L., Foster, M. J., & Arenas-Gamboa, A. M. (2020). Building the Evidence Base for the Prevention of Raw Milk-Acquired Brucellosis: A Systematic Review.. Front Public Health. 8, 76.
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  • Taylor, B. M., Chaffin, M. K., Hoffmann, A. R., Edwards, J. F., & Arenas-Gamboa, A. M. (2020). Immersion Foot Syndrome in 6 Equids Exposed to Hurricane Floodwaters.. Vet Pathol. 57(2), 290-295.
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  • Adetunji, S. A., Faustman, D. L., Adams, L. G., Garcia-Gonzalez, D. G., Hensel, M. E., Khalaf, O. H., & Arenas-Gamboa, A. M. (2020). Brucella abortus and Pregnancy in Mice: Impact of Chronic Infection on Fertility and the Role of Regulatory T Cells in Tissue Colonization.. Infect Immun. 88(10),
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Conference Papers2
  • Pinzon, C., Lazzarotto, C., Lotti, S., Arenas-Gamboa, A. M., Westhusin, M., Singh, N., ... Long, C. (2016). Production of recombinant immunogenic proteins to create multivalent subunit vaccines for zoonotic diseases. TRANSGENIC RESEARCH. 25(1), 118-118.
  • Patterson, J. L., Arenas-Gamboa, A. M., Wang, T., Hsiao, H., Pellois, J., Rice-Ficht, A., & Bondos, S. E. (2014). Materials composed of the Drosophila Hox protein Ultrabithorax are biocompatible and non-immunogenic. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 247,
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