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My research focuses on formulating strategies and developing decision support tools that enhance construction safety and health, sustainable construction, human-robot interactions, construction automation, workforce development in different construction environments. Specifically, I leverage computational tools (e.g., predictive modeling, agent-based models, and discrete event simulations) and emerging devices (e.g., smart sensors, augment and virtual reality, exoskeletons, and building information modeling) to develop and evaluate innovative solutions needed to attain a sustainable construction workforce.

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Academic Articles28
  • Nnaji, C., Okpala, I., Gambatese, J., & Jin, Z. (2023). Controlling safety and health challenges intrinsic in exoskeleton use in construction. Safety Science. 157, 105943-105943.
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  • Okoro, C. S., Nnaji, C., & Adediran, A. (2022). Determinants of immersive technology acceptance in the construction industry: management perspective. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management.
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  • Afolabi, A. O., Nnaji, C., & Okoro, C. (2022). Immersive Technology Implementation in the Construction Industry: Modeling Paths of Risk. Buildings. 12(3), 363-363.
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  • Osei-Kyei, R., Jin, X., Nnaji, C., Akomea-Frimpong, I., & Wuni, I. Y. (2022). Review of risk management studies in public-private partnerships: a scientometric analysis. International Journal of Construction Management. 1-12.
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  • Nnaji, C., Jin, Z., & Karakhan, A. (2022). Safety and health management response to COVID-19 in the construction industry: A perspective of fieldworkers.. Process Saf Environ Prot. 159, 477-488.
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  • Jalalpour, M., & Nnaji, C. (2023). Investigating the Impact of Trombe Wall on Building Energy Saving and Thermal ComfortA Case Study. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering. 577-586. Springer Nature Singapore.
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  • Okpala, I., Nnaji, C., Ogunseiju, O., & Akanmu, A. (2022). Assessing the Role of Wearable Robotics in the Construction Industry: Potential Safety Benefits, Opportunities, and Implementation Barriers. Automation and Robotics in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. 165-180. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Karakhan, A., Xu, Y., Nnaji, C., & Alsaffar, O. (2019). Technology Alternatives for Workplace Safety Risk Mitigation in Construction: Exploratory Study. Advances in Informatics and Computing in Civil and Construction Engineering. 823-829. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers18
  • Ibrahim, A., Nnaji, C., & Jin, Z. (2022). Biomechanical Analysis in Construction Engineering and Management Research: A Review. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 571-579.
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  • Ibrahim, A., Nnaji, C., Shakouri, M., & Namian, M. (2022). Impact of Hazard State on Construction Workers Safety Risk Assessment. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 696-705.
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  • Okpala, I., Nnaji, C., & Gambatese, J. (2022). Investigating Hazards and Safety Risks Inherent in Human-Robot Interactions. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 631-640.
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  • Okpala, I., Sanni, T., & Nnaji, C. (2022). Noise Management in Construction: Identifying Strategies and Controls for Improvement. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 600-610.
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  • Namian, M., Al-Bayati, A., & Nnaji, C. (2022). Role of Safety Training in Reducing Fatigue among Construction Workers. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 641-650.
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