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Selina Marie Stasi

Access to and physical activity promotion within underserved communities and communities of color, through community based research, asset mapping, and GIS analysis.

Research regarding physician-based physical activity counseling, prescription and referral, and youth engagement and empowerment to combat disparities in physical activity and health.

Linkages between community, clinic, and church, and the role public health practitioners play to leverage resources between them all

selected publications
Academic Articles6
  • Stasi, S. M., Spengler, J. O., Maddock, J., McKyer, L., & Clark, H. (2020). Shared-Use Decisions Among Administrators of Physical Activity Facilities in Pasadena, TX.. Health Promot Pract. 21(6), 926-933.
  • Stasi, S., Spengler, J., Maddock, J., McKyer, L., & Clark, H. (2019). Increasing Access to Physical Activity Within Low Income and Diverse Communities: A Systematic Review.. Am J Health Promot. 33(6), 933-940.
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  • Stasi, S., Bridges, C., McClendon, M., Meyer, M., Gomez, L., & Sharkey, J. (2019). (i)Nosotros corremos, nosotros jugamos! [we run, we play!]: Children's perceptions of physical activity in Mexican-origin border communities. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH-HEIDELBERG. 27(2), 185-194.
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  • Spengler, J. O., Smith, A. D., Maddock, J. E., & Stasi, S. M. (2018). Youth Sports and Physical Activity: Innovative Perspectives on the Role of Health Care Professionals.. J Public Health Manag Pract. 24(2), 96-98.
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  • Stoutenberg, M., Falcon, A., Arheart, K., Stasi, S., Portacio, F., Stepanenko, B., ... Nackenson, J (2017). Implementation of Lifestyle Modification Program Focusing on Physical Activity and Dietary Habits in a Large Group, Community-Based Setting.. Health Educ Behav. 44(3), 421-430.
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Conference Papers2
  • Stasi, S. M., Stoutenberg, M., Stamatakis, E., Trilk, J., Danek, D., Dufour, T., & Blair, S. N. (2015). A Current Assessment of Physical Activity Training within Medical School. MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE. 47(5), 389-389.
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