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Our long-term interest has been to understand the mechanisms of virus disease, specifically in potyviruses and potexviruses -- common families infecting a wide range of crops. We endeavor to use our understanding in engineering novel methods for crop disease control.

We have focused over the last decade on how virus proteins interact with cellular membranes in their host plants. We have uncovered genetic stress response machinery that appears to down-regulate virus infection, creating a tolerant state in the plant. When this stress response is compromised, the host plant becomes sick and necrotic. Our research aims to identify ways to increase plant vigor and yields in the face of virus infection, by empowering this cellular stress response machinery.

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Academic Articles78
  • Verchot, J. (2022). Potato virus X : A global potato‐infecting virus and type member of the Potexvirus genus. Molecular Plant Pathology. 23(3), 315-320.
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  • Kormelink, R., Verchot, J., Tao, X., & Desbiez, C. (2021). The Bunyavirales: The Plant-Infecting Counterparts.. Viruses. 13(5), 842-842.
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  • Verchot, J., & Pajerowska-Mukhtar, K. M. (2021). UPR signaling at the nexus of plant viral, bacterial, and fungal defenses.. Curr Opin Virol. 47, 9-17.
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  • Verchot, J., Jackson, A. O., & Simon, A. E. (2021). In Tribute to Michael Goodin.. Viruses. 13(1), 78-78.
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  • Verchot, J. (2021). Foreword. Plant Virus-Host Interaction. xxv-xxvi. Elsevier.
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  • Van Delinder, J., Deng, S., Verchot, J., Madewell, A., & Delano, D. (2016). FORWARD Oklahoma State University. FORWARD to Professorship in STEM. 147-164. Elsevier.
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  • Fermin, G., Verchot, J., Azizi, A., & Tennant, P. (2015). Viruses affecting tropical and subtropical crops: biology, diversity, management.. Virus diseases of tropical and subtropical crops. 1-16. CABI.
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Conference Papers6
  • Gayral, M., Arias Gaguancela, O., Vasquez, E., Flores, F., Pang, M., & Verchot, J. (2019). Potyvirus And Potexviruses Small Membrane Binding Proteins Regulate bZIP60, bZIP28 and bZIP17 and Programmed Cell Death.. MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS. 32(10), 135-135.
  • Wijayasekara, D., Hoyt, P., Dunn, B., Gimondo, A., & Verchot, J. (2016). Threat to control Canna Yellow Streak Virus; altered infectivity by associating with a Sub-viral element of novel Canna Yellow Mottle Virus. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 106(12), 2-2.
  • Schnelle, M., & Verchot, J. (2015). Potential of Greater Castanea Production in the United States. HORTSCIENCE. 50(9), S65-S65.
  • Chauhan, R. P., Rajakaruna, P., Hamon, H. G., Webb, M. A., & Verchot, J. (2014). The complete genome sequence of Canna yellow streak virus isolated from Oklahoma grown canna. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 104(5), 2-2.
Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Gayral, M., Gaguancela, O. A., Vasquez, E., Herath, V., Pang, M., Florez, F. J., Dickman, M. B., & Verchot, J. (2019). Multiple ER-to-nucleus stress signaling pathways become active during Plantago asiatica mosaic virus and Turnip mosaic virus infection in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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