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  • Johnson, W. D., Camille Peres, S., Benden, M. E., Mehta, R. K., Pickens, A., Lee Smith, M., Sweany, N., & Johnson, M. A. (2021). Lingual and non-lingual safety training methodology effectiveness: Does language of origin impact effectiveness. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 86, 103183-103183.
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  • Chien, H., Kwok, O., Yeh, Y., Sweany, N. W., Baek, E., & McIntosh, W. A (2020). Identifying At-Risk Online Learners by Psychological Variables Using Machine Learning Techniques. Online Learning. 24(4),
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  • Shell, D. F., Husman, J., Turner, J. E., Cliffel, D. M., Nath, I., & Sweany, N (2005). The Impact of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Communities on High School Students' Knowledge Building, Strategic Learning, and Perceptions of the Classroom. Journal of Educational Computing Research. 33(3), 327-349.
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  • Sweet, K. S., LeBlanc, J. K., Stough, L. M., & Sweany, N. W. (2020). Community building and knowledge sharing by individuals with disabilities using social media. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.
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