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Academic Articles28
  • Doria, S., Yost, J., & Gagnon, Z. (2023). Free-flow biomolecular concentration and separation of proteins and nucleic acids using techophoresis.. Talanta. 255, 124198-124198.
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  • Islam, M. N., Yost, J. W., & Gagnon, Z. R. (2022). Microfluidic pressure in paper (PiP): rapid prototyping and low-cost liquid handling for on-chip diagnostics.. Analyst. 147(4), 587-596.
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  • Lewis, D. M., Mavrogiannis, N., Gagnon, Z., & Gerecht, S (2018). Microfluidic platform for the real time measurement and observation of endothelial barrier function under shear stress.. Biomicrofluidics. 12(4), 042202-042202.
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  • Fu, X., Mavrogiannis, N., Ibo, M., Crivellari, F., & Gagnon, Z. R (2017). Microfluidic free-flow zone electrophoresis and isotachophoresis using carbon black nano-composite PDMS sidewall membranes.. Electrophoresis. 38(2), 327-334.
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Conference Papers8
  • Mavrogiannis, N., & Gagnon, Z (2014). Electrokinetic biosensing at liquid interfaces by fluidic dielectrophoresis. Annual Meeting of the American Electrophoresis Society 2014, AES 2014 - Topical Conference at the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting. 22-24.
  • Gagnon, Z. R., Chetwani, N., & Chang, H. C (2008). Dielectrophoretic compound drop formation due to nanodrop injection at fluid contact lines. AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings.
  • Gagnon, Z. R., Senapati, S., & Chang, H. C. (2008). Dielectrophoretically induced electrothermal cell separation. AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings.
  • Gagnon, Z. R., Senapati, S., & Chang, H. C (2008). Genetic identification of malaria with dielectrophoresis on nano-gentic beads. AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings.
  • Gagnon, Z. R., & Chang, H. C (2005). A rapid micro-fluidic bacteria trap based on high-peclet momentum and particle flux coupling in vortex flows. AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings. 998.
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