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  • Molero, G., Liu, C., Zhu, Z., Chen, Q., Peterson, S. R., Kolluru, P. V., ... Ito, K (2022). Fracture Behavior of Polyrotaxane-Toughened Poly(Methyl Methacrylate). Langmuir. 38(7), 2335-2345.
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  • Collinson, D. W., Kolluru, P. V., Von Windheim, N., & Brinson, L. C (2021). Distribution of rubber particles in the weld zone of fused filament fabricated acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and the impact on weld strength. Additive Manufacturing. 41, 101964-101964.
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  • Kolluru, P. V., Eaton, M. D., Collinson, D. W., Cheng, X. u., Delgado, D. E., Shull, K. R., & Brinson, L. C (2018). AFM-based Dynamic Scanning Indentation (DSI) Method for Fast, High-resolution Spatial Mapping of Local Viscoelastic Properties in Soft Materials. Macromolecules. 51(21), 8964-8978.
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