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His research expertise is in hospitality leadership and cultural aspects of tourism. He has undertaken extensive research on marketing to emerging Asian markets. He has published several books, including on tourism marketing and development, VFR travel, hospitality leadership, resorts and Asia-Pacific tourism. He is Founding Editor-in-Chief of Tourism, Culture & Communication and has held visiting professorships in Italy, Fiji, the UK and USA. He has consulted for international tourism agencies on human resource development and marketing. His industry experience includes manager and/or director roles in airlines, tour operations, destination management, cruise operations and hotels. He is chair of assessment at the International Centre of Excellence for Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) and a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism (IAST) and of the International Association of China Tourism Studies (IACTS).

selected publications
Academic Articles155
  • Lee, S., Filep, S., Vada, S., & King, B. (2022). Webcam travel: A preliminary examination of psychological well-being. TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY RESEARCH. 146735842211458-146735842211458.
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  • Ji, M., Zeng, C., King, B., & Reynolds, J. (2022). Why Have Package Tour Itineraries Been Homogeneous? Insight From Industry Subgroup Relations. JOURNAL OF TRAVEL RESEARCH. 004728752211418-004728752211418.
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  • Koseoglu, M. A., Yick, M., King, B., & Arici, H. E. (2022). Relational bibliometrics for hospitality and tourism research: A best practice guide. JOURNAL OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT. 52(Annals of Tourism Research 83 2020), 316-330.
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  • Ocak, S., Aladag, O. F., Koseoglu, M. A., & King, B. (2022). Barriers To Strategy Implementation In Turkey's Healthcare Industry: Hospital Manager Perspectives.. Hosp Top. 100(4), 196-204.
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Conference Papers3
  • Wijaya, S., Morrison, A., Thu-Huong, N., & King, B. (2016). Exploration of Culinary Tourism in Indonesia: What Do the International Visitors Expect?. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASIA TOURISM FORUM 2016 - THE 12TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY IN ASIA. 19, 374-379.
  • Thio, S., & King, B. (2016). The managerial competencies required by Indonesia's leading hotel groups: A preliminary investigation. HERITAGE, CULTURE AND SOCIETY: RESEARCH AGENDA AND BEST PRACTICES IN THE HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY. 95-100.
  • Kain, D., & King, B. (2004). Destination-Based Product Selections by International Backpackers in Australia. GLOBAL NOMAD: BACKPACKER TRAVEL IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. 196-216.
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