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Bettati, Riccardo individual record
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Academic Articles30
  • Gurary, J., Zhu, Y. e., Bettati, R., & Guan, Y. (2016). Operating System Fingerprinting. Wang, C., Gerdes, R. M., Guan, Y., & Kasera, S. K. (Eds.), Digital Fingerprinting. (pp. 115-139). Springer New York.
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  • Wang, S., Nathuji, R., Bettati, R., & Zhao, W. (2005). Real-Time Guarantees in Wireless Networks. Resource Management in Wireless Networking. (pp. 81-102). Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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  • Liu, J., Lin, K., Bettati, R., Hull, D., & Yu, A. (1994). Use of Imprecise Computation to Enhance Dependability of Real-Time Systems. Foundations of Dependable Computing. (pp. 157-182). Springer Us.
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Conference Papers80
  • Jin, S., & Bettati, R. (2018). Adaptive Channel Estimation in Side Channel Attacks. 2018 10TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY (WIFS). 00, 1-7.
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  • Zheng, Z., Webb, A., Reddy, A., Bettati, R., & IEEE, .. (2018). IoTAegis: A Scalable Framework to Secure the Internet of Things. 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS - PROCEEDINGS. 2018-July,
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  • Zheng, Z., Jin, S., Bettati, R., Reddy, A., & IEEE, .. (2017). Securing Cyber-Physical Systems with Adaptive Commensurate Response. 2016 IEEE CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORK SECURITY (CNS). 155-163.
  • Zheng, Z., Jin, S., Bettati, R., & Reddy, A. (2017). Securing cyber-physical systems with adaptive commensurate response. 2017-January, 1-9.
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  • Ruffing, N., Zhu, Y. e., Libertini, R., Guan, Y., & Bettati, R. (2016). Smartphone Reconnaissance: Operating System Identification. 1086-1091.
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