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My research revolves around Analysis and Probability; in particular I am interested in the interconnections between probabilistic, analytic and geometric aspects of stochastic processes on spaces with a rough structure. Mostly I work on diffusion processes and heat kernels on metric measure spaces with fractal-like features. I also study related equations of interest in mathematical physics.

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Academic Articles24
  • Alonso-Ruiz, P., Baudoin, F., Chen, L. i., Rogers, L., Shanmugalingam, N., & Teplyaev, A. (2021). Besov class via heat semigroup on Dirichlet spaces III: BV functions and sub-Gaussian heat kernel estimates. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations. 60(5), 170.
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  • Alonso Ruiz, P. (2021). Minimal Gap in the Spectrum of the Sierpiński Gasket. International Mathematics Research Notices.
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  • Alonso Ruiz, P., & Baudoin, F. (2021). Gagliardo-Nirenberg, Trudinger-Moser and Morrey inequalities on Dirichlet spaces. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 497(2), 124899-124899.
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  • Alonso Ruiz, P. (2021). Heat kernel analysis on diamond fractals. Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 131, 51-72.
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  • Ruiz, P. A., Chen, Y., Gu, H., Strichartz, R. S., & Zhou, Z. (2018). Analysis on hybrid fractals.
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Alonso Ruiz