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Academic Articles8
  • Casellas Connors, J., & Rea, C (2022). Violent Entanglements: The Pittman-Robertson Act, Firearms, and the Financing of Conservation. Conservation and Society. 20(1), 24-24.
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  • Edelblutte, E., Short Gianotti, A. G., & Connors, J. (2021). Perceptions, concerns, and management of white-tailed deer among municipal officials. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. 1-21.
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  • Connors, J. P., & Short Gianotti, A (2021). Becoming Killable: White-tailed deer management and the production of overabundance in the Blue Hills. Urban Geography. 1-23.
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  • Loisel, J., Casellas Connors, J. P., Hugelius, G., Harden, J. W., & Morgan, C. L (2019). Soils can help mitigate CO2 emissions, despite the challenges.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116(21), 10211-10212.
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  • Sullivan-Wiley, K. A., Short Gianotti, A. G., & Casellas Connors, J. P (2019). Mapping vulnerability: Opportunities and limitations of participatory community mapping. Applied Geography. 105, 47-57.
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  • Connors, J., Janetos, A., & Romitti, Y (2021). Agricultural Losses in a Telecoupled World. Castillo, F., Wehner, M., & Stone, D. (Eds.), Extreme Events and Climate Change. 67-88. Wiley.
Internet Publications1
  • Casellas Connors, J., & Rea, C (2022). Fewer Americans are hunting, and that raises hard questions about funding conservation through gun sales. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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