My research focuses on examining the communication needs of scientific communicators and investigating effective ways for preparing scientific communicators to meet the needs of their global audiences through delivering targeted scientific information.

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  • Kabir, K. H., Hassan, F., Mukta, M., Roy, D., Darr, D., Leggette, H., & Ullah, S. (2022). Application of the technology acceptance model to assess the use and preferences of ICTs among field-level extension officers in Bangladesh. Digital Geography and Society. 3, 100027-100027.
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  • Baker, C. N., Parrella, J. A., Norris, S. L., Leggette, H. R., & Walther, D. (2021). Learning to improvise, not criticize: Using improvisation techniques to enhance students’ ability to engage in civil discourse about science. Communication Teacher. 1-6.
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  • Parrella, J. A., Spence, J. R., Redwine, T., & Leggette, H. R. (2021). Characterizing Viewpoints of Scholars in Agricultural Communications as they Relate to Research Themes in the Journal of Applied Communications: A Q Methodological Study. Journal of Applied Communications. 105(3),
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  • Parrella, J., Leggette, H. R., & Redwine, T. (2021). Measuring the correlation between digital media usage and students’ perceived writing ability: Are they related?. Research in Learning Technology. 29,
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  • Leggette, H. R. (2020). Visualizing the analysis: Using infographics to strengthen critical thinking skills. Communication Teacher. 34(4), 333-339.
Conference Papers1
  • Norris, S. L., Leggette, H., Siptak, H., Herring, A., & Murphrey, T. (2019). What's the beef with communication? Investigating communication styles of advanced animal science students. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97, 180-181.
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  • Baker, M. T., Lu, P., Perrella, J., & Leggette, H. (2021). Consumer Acceptance Toward Functional Foods: A Scoping Review.
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