R. Srinivasan, Ph.D. is a professor at Texas A&M University and director of the Spatial Sciences Laboratory at Texas A&M. He has become known and respected throughout the world for his developmental work with spatial sciences and computer-based modeling, especially the Soil and Water Assessment Tool or SWAT model. His research and its applications have contributed to long-lasting changes in natural resource assessments and development of management system options, currently being used in more than 90 countries.

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  • Nkonya, E., Srinivasan, R., Anderson, W., & Kato, E. (2016). Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement in Bhutan. Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement – A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development. (pp. 327-383). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Chaubey, I., Migliaccio, K. W., Green, C. H., Arnold, J. G., & Srinivasan, R. (2006). Phosphorus modeling in soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) model. Modeling Phosphorus in the Environment. (pp. 163-187).
  • Thomson, A. M., Brown, R. A., Rosenberg, N. J., Srinivasan, R., & Izaurralde, R. C. (2005). Climate Change Impacts for the Conterminous USA: An Integrated Assessment. Climate Change Impacts for the Conterminous USA. (pp. 67-88). Springer Netherlands.
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