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  • Sanford, C. D., Owen, M., Oosthuizen, N., Fontes, P., Vonnahme, K. A., Nelson, M., ... Cliff Lamb, G. (2021). Effects of administering exogenous bovine somatotropin to beef heifers during the first trimester on conceptus development as well as steroid- and eicosanoid-metabolizing enzymes.. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 99(3),
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  • Oosthuizen, N., Poole, R. K., Houghton, P. L., Rippe, J. M., & Lamb, G. C. (2021). Effects of Environmental Conditions on Pregnancy Rate in Replacement Beef Heifers. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 99(Supplement_2), 25-25.
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  • Henry, D. D., Ciriaco, F. M., Araujo, R. C., Garcia-Ascolani, M. E., Fontes, P., Oosthuizen, N., ... DiLorenzo, N. (2021). Effects of bismuth subsalicylate and calcium-ammonium nitrate on ruminal in vitro fermentation of bahiagrass hay with supplemental molasses. Animal. 15(5), 100195-100195.
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  • Oosthuizen, N., Melo, G. D., Seidel, G. E., Stewart, R. L., Rowden, L., Lamb, G. C., & Fontes, P. (2021). Effects of prolonging the interval from progestin removal to prostaglandin F2α injection from 16 to 17 days in a long-term estrus synchronization protocol in beef heifers. Translational Animal Science. 5(2), txab062-.
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  • Lamb, G. C., Mercadante, V., Oosthuizen, N., & Fontes, P. (2021). Selection and Management of the Embryo Recipient Herd. Bovine Reproduction. 1061-1072. Wiley.
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  • Wu, G., Bazer, F. W., & Lamb, G. C. (2020). Chapter 1 Introduction significance, challenges and strategies of animal production. Animal Agriculture. 1-17. Elsevier.
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  • Fontes, P., Oosthuizen, N., & Lamb, G. C. (2020). Chapter 4 Reproductive management of beef cattle. Bazer, F. W., Lamb, G. C., & Wu, G. (Eds.), Animal Agriculture. 57-73. Elsevier.
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  • Wright, D. L., Marois, J. J., Mackowiak, C. L., Zhao, D., Goerge, S., & Lamb, C. (2020). Sod, Grazing and Row-Crop Rotation: Enhancing Conservation Tillage. Bergtold, J., & Sailus, M. (Eds.), Conservation Tillage Systems in the Southeast: Production, Profitability and Stewardship. 103-118. SARE.
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  • Lamb, G. C., & Mercadante, V. (2014). Selection and Management of the Embryo Recipient Herd for Embryo Transfer. Bovine Reproduction. 723-732. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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Conference Papers20
  • Fontes, P., Oosthuizen, N., Ciriaco, F. M., Sanford, C. D., Canal, L. B., Pohler, K. y., ... Lamb, G. C. (2019). Awardee Talk - Impact of fetal versus maternal contributions of Bos indicus and Bos taurus genetics on embryonic and fetal development. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97, 142-143.
  • Oosthuizen, N., Fontes, P., & Lamb, G. C. (2019). Reproductive management of beef females in tropical and sub-tropical environments. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97, 37-37.
  • Fontes, P., Cooke, R. F., Oosthuizen, N., Timlin, C. L., Dias, N., Currin, J. F., ... Mercadante, V. (2019). 150 Administration of prostaglandin F2α 24 h prior to CIDR removal impacts reproductive performance of suckled beef cows assigned to the 7-d CO-Synch + CIDR protocol. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97(Supplement_1), 48-49.
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  • Owen, M., McCarty, K. J., Steichen, M. M., Sanford, C. D., Canal, L. B., Fontes, P., ... Lemley, C. O. (2017). 105 Effects of biweekly administration of recombinant bovine somatotropin on steroid metabolizing enzymes during early gestation. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 95(suppl_4), 52-52.
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  • Oosthuizen, N., Fontes, P., Henry, D. D., Sanford, C. D., Ciriaco, F. M., Canal, L. B., ... Lamb, G. C. (2017). 136 Administration of recombinant bovine somatotropin prior to fixed-time artificial insemination and the effects on pregnancy rates and conceptus development in beef heifers. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 95(suppl_4), 67-67.
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