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Instructional Assistant Professor

My research focuses on the occurrence and toxicity of drinking water contaminants, health effects of complex mixtures, and chemical exposure assessment in underserved communities.

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  • Kovalakova, P., Cizmas, L., Feng, M., McDonald, T. J., Marsalek, B., & Sharma, V. K. (2021). Oxidation of antibiotics by ferrate(VI) in water: Evaluation of their removal efficiency and toxicity changes. Chemosphere. 277, 130365-130365.
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  • Sarnosky, K., Benden, M., Cizmas, L., Regan, A., & Sansom, G. (2021). Remote Work and the Environment: Exploratory Analysis of Indoor Air Quality of Commercial Offices and the Home Office. International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Analysis. 9(2), 40-40.
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  • Liberatore, H. K., Westerman, D. C., Allen, J. M., Plewa, M. J., Wagner, E. D., McKenna, A. M., ... Richardson, S. D. (2020). High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Identification of Novel Surfactant-Derived Sulfur-Containing Disinfection Byproducts from Gas Extraction Wastewater.. Environ Sci Technol. 54(15), 9374-9386.
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  • Kovalakova, P., Cizmas, L., McDonald, T. J., Marsalek, B., Feng, M., & Sharma, V. K. (2020). Occurrence and toxicity of antibiotics in the aquatic environment: A review.. Chemosphere. 251, 126351-126351.
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  • Li, C., Luo, F., Duan, H., Dong, F., Chen, X., Feng, M., ... Sharma, V. K. (2019). Degradation of chloramphenicol by chlorine and chlorine dioxide in a pilot-scale water distribution system. Separation and Purification Technology. 211, 564-570.
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