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Clinical Associate Professor

I am primarily interested in wildlife disease prevention and management. I have done research and management on diseases such as anthrax, brucellosis, and chronic wasting disease. I have also done work with chemical immobilization agents. I am also interested in pharmacokinetics and drug withdrawal of antibiotics and immobilizing agents.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
  • Benn Felix, J., Chaki, S. P., Xu, Y. i., Ficht, T. A., Rice-Ficht, A. C., & Cook, W. E. (2020). Protective antibody response following oral vaccination with microencapsulated Bacillus Anthracis Sterne strain 34F2 spores.. NPJ Vaccines. 5(1), 59.
  • Benn Felix, J., Chaki, S. P., Ficht, T. A., Rice-Ficht, A. C., & Cook, W. (2019). Bacillus anthracis Sterne Strain 34f2 Vaccine Antibody Dose Response by Subcutaneous and Oral Administration. Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences. 07(02), 1-6.
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  • Edmunds, D. R., Albeke, S. E., Grogan, R. G., Lindzey, F. G., Legg, D. E., Cook, W. E., ... Cornish, T. E. (2018). Chronic wasting disease influences activity and behavior in whitetailed deer. The Journal of Wildlife Management. (1),
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  • Hairgrove, T. B., Rodgers, S., Cook, W., Budke, C., & Smith, W. B. (2018). Review of epizootic hemorrhagic disease in cattle and a study defining seroprevalence of epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus serotype 2 in Texas cattle. The Bovine Practitioner. 10-15.
  • Kauffman, M., Peck, D., Scurlock, B., Logan, J., Robinson, T., Cook, W., Boroff, K., & Schumaker, B. (2016). Risk assessment and management of brucellosis in the southern greater Yellowstone area (I): A citizen-science based risk model for bovine brucellosis transmission from elk to cattle. 132, 88-97.
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