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Bob '85 and Kelly Jordan '86 Professorship in Business

My research focuses on consumer perceptions and reactions toward multiple lifecycle products, designing products for multiple lifecycles, and remanufacturing processes. In addition, I continue to work in the domain of healthcare supply chains with a particular focus on reimbursement systems and processes.

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  • George, J., Whitten, D., Metters, R., & Abbey, J. (2022). Emancipatory technology and developingworld supply chains: A case study of African women gemstone miners. Journal of Operations Management.
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  • Abdulla, H., Abbey, J. D., & Ketzenberg, M. (2022). How consumers value retailer's return policy leniency levers: An empirical investigation. Production and Operations Management. 31(4), 1719-1733.
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  • Ketzenberg, M. E., Abbey, J. D., Heim, G. R., & Kumar, S. (2020). Assessing customer return behaviors through data analytics. Journal of Operations Management. 66(6), 622-645.
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  • Abbey, J. D., Geismar, H. N., & Souza, G. C. (2019). Improving Remanufacturing Core Recovery and Profitability Through Seeding. Production and Operations Management. 28(3), 610-627.
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  • Abbey, J., Ketzenberg, M., & Metters, R. (2018). A more profitable approach to product returns. MIT Sloan Management Review. 60(1), 71-74.
  • Abbey, J. D., & Guide, V. (2017). Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Strategic Overview. Bouchery, Y., Corbett, C. J., Fransoo, J. C., & Tan, T. (Eds.), Sustainable Supply Chains. 375-393. Springer International Publishing.
  • Abbey, J. D., & Guide, V. (2016). Consumer Markets in Closed-Loop Supply Chains. Atasu, A. (Eds.), Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains. 3-17. Springer International Publishing.
  • Abbey, J. D., & Guide, Jr., V. (2012). Closed-Loop Supply Chains. The Oxford Handbook of Business and the Natural Environment. Oxford University Press.
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