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Academic Articles7
  • Tsai, W. K., & Cantrell, P. E. (1989). A simple derivation of transient queue statistics and applications. Performance Evaluation. (2), 103-114.
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  • Cantrell, P. E., & Beall, G. R. (1988). Transient M/M/1 queue variance computation using generalized Q functions. IEEE Transactions on Communications. (6), 756-758.
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  • Cantrell, P., & Ojha, A. (1987). Comparison of generalized Q- function algorithms (Corresp.). IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. (4), 591-596.
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  • Cantrell, P. (1986). On the calculation of the generalized>tex/tex<-function via Parl's method (Corresp.). IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. (6), 817-824.
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Conference Papers7
  • Brown, T., Sazzad, S., Schroeder, C., Cantrell, P., & Gibson, J. (1996). Packet video for heterogeneous networks using CU-SeeMe. 1, 9-12.
  • Kyeong, M. G., Cantrell, P. E., & Dowling, T. A. (1994). DS/SS indoor wireless communications with near-perfect multi-packet capture. 78-82.
  • Cantrell, P. E. (1992). Gateways between OSI and proprietary networks. 47(pt 2), 1425-1430.
  • Caohuu, T., Cantrell, P., Griswold, N., & Leung, Y. Y. (1989). Realtime convolution and morphology on VLSI-based mesh: A systolic approach. 2, 1187-1190.
  • Andrewartha, J. M., & Cantrell, P. E. (1989). Transient approximations for Jackson networks. 2, 954-958.
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