Our research focuses on inorganic molecular approaches to contribute to the development of novel systems for solar to energy conversion, small molecule activation, and molecules for information storage. Synthetic methods build the foundation of the group and are complimented by a broad array of spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques.

We are seeking students who are interested in creative inorganic synthesis, structure-function relationships in catalysis, electronic structure of heterometallic d-block/f-block complexes, and molecular species with unusual charges.

selected publications
Academic Articles30
  • Yruegas, S., Tang, H., Bornovski, G. Z., Su, X., Sung, S., Hall, M. B., Nippe, M., & Martin, C. D. (2021). Nickel–Borolide Complexes and Their Complex Electronic Structure. Inorganic Chemistry. 60(21), 16160-16167.
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  • Yang, X., Burns, C. P., Nippe, M., & Hall, M. B. (2021). Unsupported Lanthanide-Transition Metal Bonds: Ionic vs Polar Covalent?. Inorg Chem. 60(13), 9394-9401.
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  • Risica, G. M., Vieru, V., Wilkins, B. O., Latendresse, T. P., Reibenspies, J. H., Bhuvanesh, N. S., ... Nippe, M. (2020). Axial Elongation of Mononuclear Lanthanide Metallocenophanes: Magnetic Properties of Dysprosium‐ and Terbium‐[1]Ruthenocenophane Complexes. 59(32), 13335-13340.
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  • Hyun, S., Upadhyay, A., Das, A., Burns, C. P., Sung, S., Beaty, J. D., ... Powers, D. C. (2020). Kinetic versus thermodynamic metalation enables synthesis of isostructural homo- and heterometallic trinuclear clusters. 56(44), 5893-5896.
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  • Parobek, D., Meeder, J. R., Puthenpurayil, J., Nippe, M., & Son, D. H. (2020). Breaking the short-range proximity requirement in quantum dot/molecular catalyst hybrids for CO2 reduction via long-range hot electron sensitization. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 8(26), 12984-12989.
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