My research interest focuses on how to improve human performance and organization performance using emotional intelligence. Within this framework, I examine how emotional intelligence can be applied to leadership development, organization development, talent development and management initiatives. I have also used class discussions in my teaching and my service to professional associations as opportunities to expand my research. For example, I have contributed publications in the areas of learning and development, talent development, and virtual/ eLearning.

education and training
selected publications
Academic Articles10
  • Nafukho, F. M., Wekullo, C. S., & Muyia, M. H. (2019). Examining research productivity of faculty in selected leading public universities in Kenya. International Journal of Educational Development. 66, 44-51.
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  • Muyia, M. H., Wekullo, C. S., & Nafukho, F. M. (2018). Talent Development in Emerging Economies Through Learning and Development Capacity Building. Advances in Developing Human Resources. 20(4), 498-516.
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  • Nafukho, F. M., Muyia, M. H., Farnia, F., Kacirek, K., & Lynham, S. A. (2016). Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills among Practicing Leaders: Reality orMyth?. Performance Improvement Quarterly. (1), 71-87.
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  • M. Nafukho, F., & Helen Muyia, M. (2013). The World Bank ' s Africa Virtual University Project: a revisit. European Journal of Training and Development. (7), 646-661.
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  • Nafukho, F. M., Graham, C. M., & Muyia, H. (2010). Harnessing and Optimal Utilization of Human Capital in Virtual Workplace Environments. Advances in Developing Human Resources. 12(6), 648-664.
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  • Nafukho, F. M., & Muyia, M. H. (2021). Lifelong Learning and Quality Education for Sustainable Development in Africa. Nafukho, F. M., & Makulilo, A. B. (Eds.), Advances in Electronic Government, Digital Divide, and Regional Development. 17-37. IGI Global.
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  • McCarthy, A., Morley, M., & Garavan, T. (2018). Global Human Resource Development. Garavan, T., McCarthy, A., & Morley, M. (Eds.), Global Human Resource Development: Regional and Country Perspectives. 131-147. Routledge.
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  • Muyia, M., & Nafukho, F. M. (2018). Leadership Development for Frontier Societies: Reflections from Kenya. Ardichvili, A., & Dirani, K. (Eds.), Leadership Development in Emerging Market Economies. 229-244. Palgrave Macmillan US.
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  • Muyia, H. M., & Nafukho, F. M. (2016). Keeping It Social. Professional Development and Workplace Learning. 1566-1586. IGI Global.
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  • Valentin, M. A., Muyia, H. M., Kim, J., & Valentin, C. (2016). Toward An Effective Virtual Learning Environment. Web Design and Development. 1399-1416. IGI Global.
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