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Professor | Blue Bell Creameries Chair in Business

My research interests include topics in service operations, e-service operations, management of technology, quality management, mass customization, and retail supply chain management. This usually involves empirical econometrics and data analytics methods. A major focus of my research program concerns how technology supports operations management and supply chain management. Recently, I have developed research interests in healthcare operations management and financial reimbursement processes.

selected publications
Academic Articles39
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  • Guo, X., Lu, G., Villena, V. H., Vogel, D., & Heim, G. R. (2022). Supply chain transformation and technology management challenges in developing regions: Inductive theory building from rural Chinese nanostores. JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 68(5), 454-486.
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  • Sen, R., Heim, G., & Zhu, Q. (2022). Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities for MIS Academics. COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS. 51(1), 179-209.
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  • Heim, G. R., Nair, A., & Bendoly, E. (2021). Aims and criteria for advancing technology management research at the Journal of Operations Management. JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 67(8), 920-925.
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  • Heim, G. R., & Sinha, K. K. (2000). Design and Delivery of Electronic Services: Implications for Customer Value in Electronic Food Retailing. New Service Development: Creating Memorable Experiences. 152-182. SAGE Publications.
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Conference Papers3
  • Peng, D. X., Ye, Y., Feng, B. o., Ding, D. X., & Heim, G. R. (2020). Impacts of Hospital Complexity on Experiential Quality: Mitigating Roles of Information Technology. DECISION SCIENCES. 51(3), 500-541.
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  • Heim, G. R., & Ketzenberg, M. E. (2010). Learning and Relearning Effects with Innovative Service Designs: An Empirical Analysis of Top Golf Courses. PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (ICOSCM 2010). 4, 584-585.
  • Field, J. M., Heim, G. R., & Sinha, K. K. (2002). A Framework for Managing Quality in the E-Service System. Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. 2298-2303.
Repository Documents / Preprints7
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  • Youn, S., Heim, G. R., Kumar, S., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2019). Examining Impacts of Clinical Practice Variation on Operational Performance.
  • Wang, L., Yan, L. u., Zhou, T., Guo, X., & Heim, G. R. (2017). Understanding Physicians Online-Offline Behavior Dynamics: An Empirical Study.
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  • Lee, S. J., Heim, G. R., Sriskandarajah, C., & Zhu, Y. (2015). Outpatient Appointment Scheduling Under Patient Heterogeneity and Patient No-Shows.
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