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  • Slead, T. S., Gremillion, C. L., Cohen, E. B., & Tolbert, M. K. (2022). Esophageal varices in dogs: A retrospective case series.. J Vet Intern Med. 36(2), 493-499.
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  • Gremillion, C., Cohen, E. B., Vaden, S., & Seiler, G. (2021). Optimization of ultrasonographic ureteral jet detection and normal ureteral jet morphology in dogs.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 62(5), 583-590.
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  • Gremillion, C. L., Savage, M., & Cohen, E. B. (2018). Radiographic findings and clinical factors in dogs with surgically confirmed or presumed colonic torsion.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 59(3), 272-278.
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  • Gremillion, C., Voges, A., & Griffin, J. (2017). Caudal mediastinal cystic lesion in a dog.. J Small Anim Pract. 58(1), 57-57.
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  • Gremillion, C., Pashmakova, M., Elliott, J., & Barr, J. (2015). Platelet counts in canine fresh whole blood after collection and storage. BSAVA Congress Proceedings 2015. 498-498. British Small Animal Veterinary Association.
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