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  • Guo, Y., Huang, M., Wang, Q., & Jorge Leon, V. (2021). Single-Machine Rework Rescheduling to Minimize Total Waiting Time With Fixed Sequence of Jobs and Release Times. IEEE Access. 9, 1205-1218.
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  • Jornada, D., & Leon, V. J. (2020). Filtering Algorithms for Biobjective Mixed Binary Linear Optimization Problems with a Multiple-Choice Constraint. INFORMS Journal on Computing. (1), 57-73.
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  • Zhao, T., Hou, I., Leon, V. J., Ray, K., & Wang, J. (2018). An efficient revenue distribution method in a cyber-enabled manufacturing system. Manufacturing Letters. 17, 19-22.
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  • Jornada, D., & Leon, V. J. (2016). Biobjective robust optimization over the efficient set for Pareto set reduction. European Journal of Operational Research. 252(2), 573-586.
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  • Beier, E., Venkatachalam, S., Leon, V. J., & Ntaimo, L. (2016). Nodal decompositioncoordination for stochastic programs with private information restrictions. IIE Transactions. 48(3), 283-297.
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  • Acosta, C., Leon, V. J., Conrad, C. R., & Malave, C. (2010). The Global Engineer. Taylor & Francis.
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  • Leon, V. J., Wu, S. D., & Storer, R. H. (1993). Robust Scheduling and Game-Theoretic Control for Short-Term Scheduling of Job-Shops. Fandel, G., Gulledge, T., & Jones, A. (Eds.), Operations Research in Production Planning and Control. 321-335. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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Conference Papers6
  • Leon, V. J., & Jeong, I. (2005). An Improved Group Setup Strategy for PCB Assembly. COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS - ICCSA 2005, VOL 4, PROCEEDINGS. 3483, 312-321.
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  • Kim, S. W., & Leon, V. J. (2004). LP-CICA - Heuristic to improve computational times of single machine distributed scheduling problems. IIE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2004. 201-207.
  • Quintana, R., Zepeda, L., Arredondo, R., Jimenez, J., & Leon, V. J. (1997). Similarity measures for PC board grouping. Industrial Engineering Research - Conference Proceedings. 495-500.
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  • Leon, V. J., & Lin, M. (1993). Effect of time lags on sequencing decisions: The two-machine flowshop case. Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference. 863-867.
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