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  • Acosta, C., Leon, V. J., Conrad, C. R., & Malave, C. (2010). The Global Engineer. Taylor %26 Francis.
  • Acosta, C., Leon, V. J., Conrad, C., & Malave, C. O. (2009). Global engineering: Design, decision making, and communication. CRC Press.
  • Leon, V. J., & Wu, S. D. (1994). Characteristics of computerized scheduling and control of manufacturing systems. Joshi, S. B., & Smith, J. S. (Eds.), Computer control of flexible manufacturing systems. (pp. 63-74). Springer Netherlands.
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  • Leon, V. J., Wu, S. D., & Storer, R. H. (1993). Robust Scheduling and Game-Theoretic Control for Short-Term Scheduling of Job-Shops. Fandel, G., Gulledge, T., & Jones, A. (Eds.), Operations Research in Production Planning and Control. (pp. 321-335). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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