Dr. Zhang's research interests include Behavioral Economics, Applied Econometrics, Experimental Economics, Food Safety and Policy, Environmental Economics, Nutrition and Health, Development Economics, International Economics, and Neuroeconomics.

selected publications
Academic Articles24
  • Yang, X., Zhang, Y. u., & Li, Q. i (2021). The role of price spillovers: what is different in China. Empirical Economics. 60(1), 459-485.
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  • Yi, F., Zhou, M., & Zhang, Y. Y (2020). Value of Incorporating ENSO Forecast in Crop Insurance Programs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 102(2), 439-457.
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  • Yi, F., Ye, H., Wu, X., Zhang, Y. Y., & Jiang, F (2020). Self-aggravation effect of air pollution: Evidence from residential electricity consumption in China. Energy Economics. 86, 104684-104684.
  • Wu, X., & Zhang, Y. Y (2020). A local maximum likelihood model of crop yield distributions. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics/Revue canadienne d'agroeconomie. 68(1), 117-125.
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  • Cai, Z., Li, Y., & Zhang, Y. Y (2020). A network-based approach to examine the impact of within-city industry agglomeration on total factor productivity. Quality Technology & Quantitative Management. (6), 738-746.
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  • Baltagi, B. H., Sun, Y., Zhang, Y. Y., & Li, Q. i. (2015). Nonparametric Panel Data Regression Models. Baltagi, B. H. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Panel Data. Oxford University Press.
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  • Yvette Zhang, Y. u., Li, Q. i., & Li, D. (2011). Recent Developments in Semiparametric and Nonparametric Estimation of Panel Data Models with Incomplete Information: A Selected Review. ADVANCES ECOOMETRICS, VOL 15, 2000. Advances in Econometrics. 41-62. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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Conference Papers1
  • Zhang, Y. Y., Wu, X., & Li, Q. i. (2016). A Simple Consistent Nonparametric Estimator of the Lorenz Curve. Advances in Econometrics. 36, 635-653.
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Yu (Yvette)
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Texas A&M University; Agricultural Economics; 2124 TAMU
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