Dr. Zhang's research interests include Behavioral Economics, Applied Econometrics, Experimental Economics, Food Safety and Policy, Environmental Economics, Nutrition and Health, Development Economics, International Economics, and Neuroeconomics.

selected publications
Academic Articles31
  • Chen, S., Li, Q. i., Wang, Q., & Zhang, Y. Y. (2023). Multivariate models of commodity futures markets: a dynamic copula approach.. Empir Econ. 1-21.
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  • Saboori, B., Radmehr, R., Zhang, Y. Y., & Zekri, S. (2022). A new face of food security: A global perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic.. Prog Disaster Sci. 16, 100252-100252.
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  • Chen, S., Zhang, Y. Y., & Jin, S. (2022). Spousal dependence and intergenerational transmission of body mass index. APPLIED ECONOMICS. 1-16.
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  • Melo, G., Monteza, D., Colson, G., & Zhang, Y. Y. (2022). How to assess? Student preferences for methods to assess experiential learning: A best-worst scaling approach.. PLoS One. 17(10), e0276745-e0276745.
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  • Zhang, Y. Y. (2022). Nonparametric estimation of first price auctions via density-quantile function. ECONOMICS LETTERS. 216, 110560-110560.
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  • Sun, Y., Zhang, Y. Y., & Li, Q. i. (2015). Nonparametric Panel Data Regression Models. Baltagi, B. H. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Panel Data. 285-324. Oxford University Press (OUP).
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Yu (Yvette)
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Texas A&M University; Agricultural Economics; 2124 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2124