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The goal of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms that control NF-kappaB regulatory networks in the central nervous system (CNS). NF-kappaB is a ubiquitously expressed, evolutionarily conserved transcription factor that responds to a variety of signals and regulates fundamental processes, including cell growth and proliferation, inflammation, invasion and angiogenesis. Indeed, aberrant NF-kappaB activity or expression is associated with many cancers, as it can promote tumorigenesis, tumor progression and resistance to therapy. Our focus is on glioblastoma, a common and highly lethal CNS tumor that is very resistant to current treatment strategies.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
  • Pflug, K. M., & Sitcheran, R. (2020). Targeting NF-B-Inducing Kinase (NIK) in Immunity, Inflammation, and Cancer.. Int J Mol Sci. (22),
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  • Jiang, Z., Pflug, K., Usama, S. M., Kuai, D., Yan, X., Sitcheran, R., & Burgess, K. (2019). Cyanine-Gemcitabine Conjugates as Targeted Theranostic Agents for Glioblastoma Tumor Cells.. J Med Chem. 62(20), 9236-9245.
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  • Usama, S. M., Jiang, Z., Pflug, K., Sitcheran, R., & Burgess, K. (2019). Conjugation of Dasatinib with MHI-148 Has a Significant Advantageous Effect in Viability Assays for Glioblastoma Cells.. ChemMedChem. 14(17), 1575-1579.
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  • Jung, J., Ravi, S., Lee, D. W., McFadden, K., Kamradt, M. L., Toussaint, L. G., & Sitcheran, R. (2016). NIK/MAP3K14 Regulates Mitochondrial Dynamics and Trafficking to Promote Cell Invasion.. Curr Biol. 26(24), 3288-3302.
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  • Duran, C. L., Lee, D. W., Jung, J., Ravi, S., Pogue, C. B., Toussaint, L. G., Bayless, K. J., & Sitcheran, R. (2016). NIK regulates MT1-MMP activity and promotes glioma cell invasion independently of the canonical NF-B pathway.. Oncogenesis. 5(6), e231-e231.
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Conference Papers1
  • Duran, C. L., Lechuga, L., Lee, D. W., Bayless, K. J., & Sitcheran, R. (2015). Abstract B36: NF-kappaB-dependent and -independent roles for NIK in regulating GBM cell invasion. Cancer Research, Tumor Microenvironment. 75(23_Supplement), B36-B36.
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